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2021 Subaru Corporate Impact Report

Subaru Loves Pets

Subaru loves animals at home and in the wild. We are committed to keeping animals safe and healthy through our partnerships with animal shelters, local communities, and animal welfare organizations.
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A core principle of our Subaru Loves Pets initiative is our ongoing commitment to help pets of all kinds find their perfect home. We stand by this commitment through a variety of actions; from supporting local pet adoption efforts to being the largest corporate donor of the ASPCA®. As a whole, Subaru of America, Inc. (Subaru) is proud to have donated over $30 million since 2008 to support the adoption, rescue, transport, and health of more than 250,000 animals.

$30 million 

supporting 250,000 animals through adoptions, rescues, transports, and health since 2008.
ASPCA® Partnership

In 2021, our partnership with ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) benefited more than 8,500 animals and provided almost $600,000 to support pet adoptions and animal shelters across the country. Subaru donated $10 to the ASPCA® for each Genuine Subaru Pet-friendly Accessory sold in October. We also donated a Subaru Outback with Pet Accessory Pack to the ASPCA® to use for a fundraising campaign, which raised over $248,000 to support the ASPCA’s lifesaving mission to protect and rescue animals. Subaru was proud to be named as the first-ever honoree of the ASPCA® Corporate Compassion Award.

National Make A Dog’s Day

Subaru spent 2021 continuing to make sure Underdogs don’t go unloved. With the support of hundreds of Subaru retailers and partner shelters across the country, we celebrated our third annual National Make A Dog's Day celebration successfully helped over 36,000 shelter pets find loving new homes. At Subaru Park in Chester, Pennsylvania, we hosted 20 animal organizations who brought 111 dogs for adoption, with 99 of them finding a loving home. This brings the total number of adopted shelter pets to nearly 60,000 since the initiative began.

Camden, New Jersey

Camden, New Jersey, is also home to thousands of pets. In 2021, we initiated a Camden National Make A Dog’s Day event. See our Camden section for more.

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Subaru Loves Pets Retailer Impact

As part of our commitment to loving pets and being More Than a Car Company®, Subaru and participating retailers made the following contributions to ensure our best friends are loved:

  • Donated $1,639,000 to partner animal shelters.
  • Held events that led to the adoption of 36,361 pets in October 2021, including 3,172 Underdogs, or those with special needs, like the older, deaf, blind, and “different” dogs.
  • Distributed 6,289 New Pet Parent Kits, containing toys, care items, and other pet essentials.

$1.6 million donated to partner animal shelters

as part of our Subaru Loves Pets Retailer Impact

Auto Show Pet Adoptions

Since 2018, Subaru has been helping families visiting auto shows find their next furry family member by hosting pet adoptions across the country. We partner with local pet organizations to bring adoptable pets of all abilities and ages to a purpose-built pet park in the Subaru booth to help these adorable dogs find a loving home. To date, Subaru has helped over 700 pets and donated over $300,000 to support these pet organizations through our auto shows.

Animal Shelter Donations

Subaru teammates collected hundreds of used household items (towels, linens, balls, etc.) to donate to local animal shelters. Over 300 used T-shirts were also collected – and with donations of yarn and pipe cleaners – more than 100 colleagues created pet toys from these materials. In addition to supporting local shelters, this project supported the Subaru green initiatives by collecting the used items to keep them out of the waste stream – plus all unused T-shirt scraps that could not be made into toys were sent for reuse and recycling through TerraCycle’s repurposing program.

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2021 Subaru Corporate Impact Report

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2021 Subaru Corporate Impact Report